Truck Scales

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ SURVIVOR® truck scales are known as the Toughest Scales on Earth®. Designed to provide reliable performance under the most demanding conditions, SURVIVOR truck scales are built with more structural steel, a superior support structure and innovative design features that provide consistent accuracy, less downtime and longer scale life. Each SURVIVOR is built with our exclusive five-step finishing process, and guaranteed with a five-year lightning protection warranty.® OTR Steel Deck

For above ground or pit installs, the SURVIVOR® OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design and performance. Tightly spaced wide flange i-beams form the industry’s strongest weighbridge design, weighing as many as 250 trucks per day for 25 years without a trace of weighbridge fatigue. The OTR Steel Deck offers convenient top access to load cells, and a low profile to minimize steep approaches. Unique self-setting hinge-like connectors make for easy installation and future expansion.

SURVIVOR® OTR Concrete Deck SURVIVOR® OTR Concrete Deck

The OTR Concrete Deck provides a low-profile design and top access to load cells with the benefits of a concrete deck. This model can function both above ground or as a pit-type and features our unique self-setting connectors for easy installation and future expansion. Six inches of poured concrete rests above the scale’s neutral axis, atop a network of wide flange i-beams and shear studs. This eliminates any possible tension or cracking, while providing a surface that’s well suited for corriosion resistance and traction in wet or icy conditions.


The ATV is a more compact steel deck design engineered for portability and movement from job to job. Our self-setting hinge-like connectors make for easy break down and reassembly, and an overall low profile keeps approaches low and gradual. But the ATV wouldn’t be a SURVIVOR if it didn’t have our trademark heavy duty construction. It’s tightly spaced wide flange i-beams and rigid construction are classic Rice Lake.


The SURVIVOR SR for above ground installation comes in either steel or concrete deck. Recognize an SR by its massive wide flange i-beams on either side. These heavy duty side rails add strength and rigidity to an already sound design, and function as built-in guide rails. The SR model offers Rice Lake’s wide flange i-beam construction throughout the weighbridge, for unbeatable strength and lifelong use.


Pit-type applications with deep clearance can take advantage of the extra-strength design of Rice Lake’s PT Series. The same massive beams that run alongside the SR’s design have been used underneath the PT model, providing our highest strength structure. The PT Series is available in both steel and concrete deck versions, both with manhole covers for easier access and servicability. Rice Lake customizes scales for retrofit to any existing pit size.


The ATV-M is a mechanical version of our ATV models, offering the versatility to be either permanent or portable, installed above ground or in a pit. Its high-performance, low-maintenance mechanical lever design offers unsurpassed reliability and life expectancy. The ATV-M comes standard with a steel treadplate deck and easy access manhole cover.


The SURVIVOR PT-M is a mechanical pipe-lever design of our pit-type PT model. These levertronic designs are better suited for areas susceptible to heavy moisture. The PT-M is a cost effective investment for a long term, permanent installation, providing the highest accuracy with the lowest maintenance costs. Available in both steel and concrete decks and constructed with the same massive i-beams that support our PT and SR designs, the PT-M is a solid investment for many pit-type applications.

Automated Ticketing Automated Ticketing

Handwriting tickets for each weighment is not only time consuming and tedious, but also leaves room for human error. The Rice Lake line of Automated Ticketing Kiosks with OnTrak Software eliminates both problems, giving your system the efficiency it needs to keep up with growing business.

Axle Scales Axle Scales

Axle scales are an economical, adaptable, and portable solution for vehicle and truck weighing. As with any other Rice Lake truck scales, durable construction sets these products apart from the competition.