Physician Scales

Digital Physician Scale (150-10-5) Digital Physician Scale (150-10-5)

The Rice Lake Digital Physician 150-10-5 scale is designed for both modern appearance and contemporary function, with fresh, clean lines and forward-thinking features for the medical and fitness environments of today and tomorrow.

Digital Physcian Scale (150-10-7) Digital Physcian Scale (150-10-7)

The Rice Lake digital floor level physician scale provides precision weight measurements up to 550 pounds. Features include BMI, reweigh and hold-mode allowing operator to lock measurement and transfer unsteady patients before recording. EMR ready.

Legal-for-Trade Platform/Fitness Scale Legal-for-Trade Platform/Fitness Scale

THE 140-10-7N PORTABLE FITNESS SCALE is an NTEP Certified legal-for-trade device that provides the highest possible accuracy when weight is a critical factor. In wrestling programs, weight-loss centers and even health clubs, weight can determine membership fees or classification levels. For that reason a legal-fortrade device must be used.

Platform Scale (740-10-2) Platform Scale (740-10-2)

This scale offers a large 22 x 42 inch weighing platform for general purpose weighing up to 600 lbs. A low profile non-skid surface enhances the versatility of this device, making it perfect for weighing the broadest range of capacities and sizes.