Rice Lake Weighing Systems is a trusted source for the most advanced weight indicators and process control devices. From basic weighing functions to complete system automation, in the office or out in the elements, Rice Lake has a tool for every possible need.

Rice Lake Rice Lake

The Rice Lake family of digital weight indicators showcases equipment capable of the most basic to the most complex of tasks. From simple weight displays to equipment that controls an entire automated process, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers unbeatable technology for today’s industrial needs.

Condec Condec

The Condec brand has stood the test of time with popular and dependable models that continue to be in high demand.

Digi® Digi®

The DIGI brand of indicators brings forth a functional selection of features at an economical value for industrial weighing needs.


Aviation Aviation

Rice Lake’s Tracer Aviation products are designed to meet the specific requirements of airports and baggage handling applications.


Hostile Environment Hostile Environment

Fertilizer plants, chemical processing, or other hostile environments require our HE models, designed specifically for corrosion resistance. HE models are housed in durable FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) enclosures that are guaranteed to keep the elements out and your electronics functioning properly.

Intrinsically Safe Intrinsically Safe

For use in volitile areas, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers the very best in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof equipment. These devices require detailed attention to specification and installation guidelines. For IS system compatibility, use these intrinsically safe indicators with Rice Lake’s selection of FM-approved load cells.

Software Software

Easily speak your equipment’s language with our large software selection. Allow your PC to setup and configure an indicator/controller, download customer files, or put a virtual indicator/controller right on your desktop.

Signal Conditioning Transmitter/Indicators Signal Conditioning Transmitter/Indicators

For PLC systems that require weight data from a scale, Rice Lake’s compact SCT transmitters deliver equivalent signal-conditioning function without the cost or bulk of a full size weight indicator/controller.

Wireless Communications Wireless Communications

Wireless transmitters and receivers easily communicate data between various electronics in your scale system.